Software / Systems Engineer with over 30 years of experience building world‑class, state-of-the-art software applications and instrumentation for the medical device and diagnostic industries.
Technical lead positions with Johnson & Johnson’s Diabetes Care Franchise (Principle Software Engineer at LifeScan and Staff Systems Engineer at Animas), Syva Company, a division of Syntex Corporation, and Varian Associates. Involved with a successful startup (see, as the original architect and developer of FleetCommander (web-based fleet & motor pool software). Currently an independent consultant focusing on healthcare software, as well as medical devices with associated data management / informatics solutions (including website and mobile app integration).

 Software / Systems Architecture, Integration & Development
 Medical Devices & Data Management / Informatics
 Website & Mobile App Development / Cloud Services


Currently an independent consultant with Sandstone Diagnostics (see responsible for leading website and mobile app development (see and
14 years with Johnson & Johnson’s Diabetes Care Franchise as Principle Software Engineer at LifeScan and Staff Systems Engineer at Animas responsible for data management / informatics products for hospitals, physicians, and patients, and for integration with all institutional and consumer blood glucose meters and insulin pump devices (including CGM sensor data).

LifeScan / Animas (J&J's Diabetes Care Franchise)


R&D, Digital Solutions and Connectivity   –   Milpitas, California

Principal Software Engineer   •   March 2010 – August 2011


Technical lead for core platform initiative focused on back-end development and device communications (i.e., blood glucose meters and insulin pumps, including CGM sensor data). Responsible for Java Backend DB implementation and API (service and implementation layers) in support of front-end application development (effort required coordination between West coast, East coast, and two outsourced development teams in India). As result of organizational restructuring, position was moved to facility located in Wayne, PA.


Technical lead for enhancement projects to OneTouch Zoom Pro Diabetes Management System. Efforts included development of updated Meter Drivers in support of new meters, innovations such as visualization of high/low patterns in support of Gemini family meters, analysis of BG results 2 to 4 hours following usage of bolus calculator (i.e., ezBG or ezCarb on an Animas insulin pump), localization for 7 languages, and downloading of manually entered BG results from Animas insulin pumps.



R&D, Pump Development   –   Milpitas, CA (West Chester, PA)

Staff Systems Engineer   •   March 2009 – March 2010


Lead all technical aspects and activities (e.g., design, development, code reviews, technical input on testing, reviews of labeling, etc. for R&D) for ezManager CGM (i.e., Animas Desktop Software) in support of Animas Vibe insulin pump and DexCom CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) sensor. Application is java-based and provides communications and data management on Windows PCs and Apple Macs.


Provided development and technical assistance for ezManager software (all versions) and for various insulin pump projects (e.g., insulin pump V&V activities, RF development, and power analysis activities). Technical lead representing Animas for project integrating insulin pumps into OneTouch Zoom Pro software for HCPs. Additionally, took leadership role for software development process (and practices) improvements for Animas based on LifeScan best practices.



R&D, Informatics Solutions   –   Milpitas, California

Principal Software Engineer   •   March 1997 – March 2009


January 2004   •   Principal Software Engineer


Lead all technical aspects and development activities for all Advanced Care Group’s institutional products (primarily the SureStepFlexx meter and the OneTouch DataLink Data Management System suite of applications). DataLink systems are currently installed at over 1100 hospitals. At the higher end of the spectrum, DataLink is responsible for managing hundreds of communication connections (across multiple hospitals within an integrated heath system utilizing multiple connectivity solutions including wireless telemetry units, nursing station computers, and modems), hundreds of meters, thousands of operators, hundreds of thousands of patients, and more than a million quality control and patient test results being collected, processed/reported, and transferred to LIS/HIS/EMR each year.


Provided technical support for various LifeScan informatics products (e.g., TGC 1 project) and meters (e.g., V&V support activities for Symphony and David projects). Sustained innovation and active participation in the ideation and development of new product concepts (e.g., USB/portable application for consumer meters, OneTouch DMS “appliance” for pharmacies and HCPs, integration of SureStepFlexx with GlucoTec’s G+ insulin dosing system). Achievements have included DMS products, informatics presentations (e.g., authored and presented Informatics and blood glucose monitoring poster at the 18th International Diabetes Federation Congress, IDF Paris 2003, and at the 3rd Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting in San Francisco), and various intellectual property disclosures/patent applications.


December 2000   •   Sr. Staff Software Engineer


Technical lead for the development of STEALTH International (i.e., DataLink Version 3.1 supporting Canadian French). Completed BRIDGE (Building Relationships Integrating DataLink Glucose Enhancements) project, the integration of DataLink with Medical Automation System’s RALS-Plus. Completed DataLink Sync product, a software version of the serial server, a new component of DataLink’s connectivity solutions.


April 1999   •   Staff Software Engineer


Technical lead for the development and release of the STEALTH DMS (i.e., DataLink Version 3.0) in support of the SureStepFlexx meter. Provided support and competitive analysis to sales, customer support, and marketing for hospital/institutional business unit. Designed DataLink’s QC Compliance feature, which was submitted for a patent disclosure (resulting in 2 US patents granted, 6,512,986 and 6,856,928, Method for automated exception-based quality control compliance for point-of-care devices). Technical lead for the development of IN TOUCH versions 1.3.2, and early development of version 1.5 (in support of the OneTouch UltraSmart meter).


November 1997   •   Sr. Software Engineer


Key role in the design, implementation, release, and support of LifeScan’s hospital connectivity solutions for point-of-care blood glucose testing using SureStepPro meters. Development lead for SureStepPro DMS Version 2.0.

9 years with Syva Company (acquired by Dade Behring) as Software Engineer responsible for instrument firmware for IDD, TDM, and DAT assay scheduling and processing, and for DMS software for management of drug testing results.

Syva Company

Development Engineering Department   –   San Jose, California

Software Engineer IV   •   March 1989 – November 1997


Software engineer responsible for assay scheduling and processing on Syva’s MicroTrak instrument, a fully automated laboratory diagnostic instrument for IDD assays. In June 1996, Version 2.5 was released with all Behring Enzygnost IDD assays. Contributed on team effort to design and develop Version 3.0 of the firmware for Syva’s Solaris instrument, which ran TDM and DAT assays. Primary software architect and developer of Syva’s Data Management System for the ETS Plus Analyzer (SYVA EDMS). SYVA EDMS is a data management system to process the drug testing results produced by up to 5 ETS Plus instruments first released in 1991. Version 3.0 (a Microsoft Windows based version of SYVA EDMS) was released in 1997 with an installed base of almost 1000 customer sites. Developed an application to collect, store, and process the chemistry feasibility study data for Syva’s Blood Banking System. Processing consisted of blood typing and generation of blood banking statistics for various algorithms.

5 years with Varian Associates as Software Engineer responsible for reporting module for liquid chromatography data management software, and for LIMS software for analytical laboratory data collection and management.

Varian Associates

Varian Instrument Group   –   Walnut Creek, California

Software Engineer   •   January 1984 – February 1989


Designed and implemented the reporting module for Varian’s liquid chromatography workstation, Star LC Workstation. The application supported interactive and automated reporting of chromatograms and calculated results reports. Principal software engineer responsible for the design and implementation of Varian’s Laboratory Information Management System for Data Management. LIMS/DM, a joint product development venture with Digital Equipment Corporation, provided an analytical laboratory with data collection and management capabilities.


Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation

Satellite Control Facilities Operation   –   Sunnyvale, California

Programmer   •   June 1982 – January 1984


Enhanced the software, firmware, and hardware of the Defense Communication System Satellite Control Facility Interface System (DSIS) at the seven remote tracking stations located throughout the world. Modifications were required to simplify configuration of the stations for tracking of Space Shuttle missions.


  System design and software development (including data management systems, medical devices, and websites)
  Medical device interfaces (including glucose meters, chemistry analyzers, and insulin pumps)
  LIS / EMR integration
  Software quality assurance, validation & verification, and FDA QSRs
  Intellectual property knowledge (including freedom to operate and patent applications) – inventor on 7 granted utility and design patents (see, for example)
  Technical proficiencies (software languages, such as Java, C, C++, VB and .NET Framework; RTOSs, such as ByteBOS and Micrium’s uC/OS-II; database application development utilizing Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Apache Derby)
  Skilled strategist (extensive experience in transforming “voice of customer” into requirements specification and design description, as well as in coordinating clients’ internal and/or external software development efforts)


M.S. Computer Science
San Francisco State University
     •     May 1993
B.S. Electrical Engineering
San Jose State University
     •     June 1984


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